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Welcome To Ghost Alerts

About us

The home of the greatest and reliable monitors for numerous websites and social media accounts, professional support, exclusive and early information, useful tools, giveaways, discounts and much more. We take care of every detail and do our best to accomplish our success - Help members cook!

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6500 Twitter Followers
500+ Happy Customers
10000+ Successful Checkouts
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We take care of every detail and do our best to accomplish our success.

Our Services

Discover What Services We Provide Special For You.

Advanced Monitors

One of the fastest sneaker monitors in the game. Powered by Zephyr. Provides monitoring for 200+ sites including Shopify, Supreme, Off--white, Funko, SNKRS, Nike Desktop, Footsites, AIO and much more. Contains special pinger which notify every member about most profitable items that just restocked!

Resell Prediction

We provide resell predictions for most of the releases so you will always be informed whether you'd like to make a profit or cop for personal.

Early Information

Be first to know and prepare yourself for any upcoming shock drop. Early links and any early shock drop information will be waiting for you!

24/7 Support

Our experienced mods will always be ready to answer your questions and dispel any doubts you have.

Sitelists for every major release

We provide detailed sitelists for every importatant release, so you won't be missing any website dropping desired item.

Discord Tools

Our discord tools like ATC link generator, StockX bot, address bot, price checker, Funko resell bot, fee calculator, ebay view bot will make your life easier significantly.

Discounted Slots

We provide free or discounted slots for our members every major release to increase their chances of success.

Raffle Monitor

Our raffle monitor will inform you up to date about every new raffle whether its in-store or online.


Our guides such as per release guide or server guide and much more will increase your chances of success whether you are a bot user or manual. You will know excatly what to do to secure desired item.


Sell, trade and buy items safely in our discord marketplace channels. Our middle-man is always open to make your transaction as safe as possible.

Early Links

We provide early links for every important release which will increase your chances of copping.

Twitter Monitor

Currently monitors over 12 most important twitter profiles such as bots or developers. Picks up faster then tweetdeck. Includes OCR recognition. Never miss a restock or giveaway again.

Ticket Reselling (Soon)

Resell your tickets.

Group Buys

We provide group buys with exclusive bot and proxy companies

Quick Tasks

Our monitors contain quick task feature for every bot which will allow you, with just a single click to create a ready task for item that just restocked!


That's only some of the success posts from our members. Wanna see more success? Visit @Ghostsuccess on twitter!

09 NOV

Success from Curry

Success from Curry

12 DEC

Success From Noob1206

Success From Noob1206

04 NOV

Success From sodano

Success From sodano

01 AUG

Success From HeroElrond

Success From HeroElrond

09 SEP

Success AlexJ'

Success From AlexJ'

14 SEP

Success From caligramax

Success From caligramax

04 NOV

Success From Fb Kicks

Success From Fb Kicks

01 NOV

Success From Grind Mode

Success From Grind Mode x

13 OCT

Success From CloudTheChef

Success From CloudTheChef


Frequently asked questions

1. How much does it cost? Is it a one time purchase or monthly?

A membership to Ghost Alerts costs just $30 monthly. Once you purchased, payment will auto renew every 30 days. You can cancel your subscription anytime by yourself or ask our staff to do this for you!

2. What countries do you support?

Most of our members are US and Asia based, however every country is welcome.

3. How can I join?

Ghost Alerts is publicily available via restocks held every month and through partnerships with other companies. Make sure to follow our Twitter for information about restocks and giveaways.